Laws Of Marriage In Nigeria

Nigeria is as pluralistic in its legal systems, as it is in ethnic makeup. Basically, there are three systems of law in Nigeria i.e English law, customary law and Islamic law (also known as Sharia’s right). Each of these laws has its marital system, although they have their differences and similarities. All three marital systems are at least equal in terms of their recognition as a marriage that can legally be hired in Nigeria by anyone who wants. It is possible that a person controls two marriages, one under customary law and the other under Islamic law, but it is unacceptable in terms of English legislation. At this stage, it is important to watch each of the marriages with some details. English law marriage rental marriages in line with the principles of English law are controlled by the Marriage Act in Nigeria. Until 1860, the court in Hyde vs. Hyde, he defined marriage as “the voluntary union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of everyone else”. It has since been accepted as the meaning of the marriage of English law. This type of marriage clearly hates polygamy.
For a marriage with valid and qualified as a marriage of English legislation in Nigeria, the established marriage must be complied with in the established law.
Conditions for the marriage of valid English law

Parties in marriage must have agreed to be a man and woman.
Man must file a notice in the marriage register within the area where marriage will take place, confirm his intention to marry.
Then in marriage notice book the notice closed by the Registrar
The notice remains open for a minimum of 21 days before the recorder can issue a marriage certificate
During the 21 days, anyone who wants to enter a warning can be an objection to the planned marriage.
At this point, the Registrar will send the warning to the High Court that the fate of the warning in some way
Where the warning is valid at the High Court, the recorder will be clogged on the issuance of the marriage certificate until the objection raised in the warning ceases to exist
When the Supreme Court warning invalidates, the Registrar will continue to issue the marriage certificate. The release of the marriage certificate should not before 21 days or later than 3 months from the moment of filling a notice of intention to marry man. Other factors that can prevent the release of the marriage certificate.

In addition to any objection that, among other things, in a warning, the registrar must not issue the marriage certificate in any of the following situations: Visit:-

Where no party resident is in the area where marriage will take place 15 days prior to the release of the marriage certificate
Where the recorder is convinced that one of the parties is lower (ie, under 16 years)
Where the consent of one of the parties in marriage is obtained by fraud, dress, improper influence, faulty identity or part not able to give their consent due to poor mental health
Where the parties have a blood relationship as cousins
Where one of the parties is already married under English or customary law. Celebration of marriage

Marriage itself can take place in one of the two places is marriage registration or a place of worship.
In the case of the marriage register, the following conditions apply:

must take place before the recorder
There must be at least two witnesses, and
It must occur between 10: 00-04: 00. While in the case of a place of worship, the rules are the following:

This must be done by a recognized minister of the religious organization involved.
The place of worship must be a place under marriage until marriage is licensed.
There must be a minimum of two witnesses.
Before marriage, the Minister must be sure that the marriage certificate obtained by the parties.
Marriage must take place between 08:00 at 06:00.
The Minister must send a copy of the marriage certificate to the marriage recorder within 7 days of marriage
The marriage of English law is the most complex to the conclusion, as will be seen later in the article, compared to the other two marriage systems in Nigeria.
Usual Right Marriage

Customer law marriage is the easiest marriage to contract in Nigeria. It was celebrated a marriage according to the uses and traditions of a local tribe in Nigeria. In terms of marriage, the tribes that ranged in Nigeria have much in common. Necessities of a marriage of customary law. Agreement between a man and a woman to be a man and woman. Older consent especially on the side of the woman. Payment of the dowry by the man to the family of the woman. Delivering the woman to man. Once the previous conditions have been met, a marriage of customary law is valid. This marriage accommodates polygamy so that man can marry the number of women he wants. In fact, there is no limit to the number of women who can marry a man with several indigenous Nigerian uses. Islamic Right Marriage The marriage of Islamic law refers to a marriage held by two Muslims (ie a man and a woman) in accordance with the thickness of the Sharia law. Islamic law allows a Muslim man to marry 4 women, as long as he guarantees equity, equity and justice. To have a marriage, which is kept in line with Islamic law, the following must be adhered to: Parties in marriage must have agreed to marry each other. The consent of the father or uncle of women or any member of the male family is compulsory man must give a gift (it can be money or an article) as dowry. The monetary value of what is given should not be less than N5000. There is no maximum celebration of marriage itself must be witnessed by the minimum of two witnesses. Once the above requirements have been met, it is believed that a marriage of Islamic law has been produced. What I planned for this article is to offer a concise image of different marriages that can rent Nigerians and non-Nigerians living in Nigeria depending on the preferences of individuals. The only marriage that is not free for everyone is the marriage of Islamic law that can only take place between a Muslim man and woman. However, a Muslim man is allowed to marry a woman who belongs to the “people of the book”. It refers to Jewish or Christian women. Apart from Christians and Jewish faithful, a Muslim man cannot marry any other faith. It can be interesting to hear that I am converted is the fate of a Muslim woman. She can only marry a Muslim male companion. This hit of a subtle strategy to earn more converts in Islamic fold.

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