Travelling With a Friend Along All Kinds of Life’s Path Helps in All Kinds of Various Ways

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What kind of year was 2018 for you?

Whatever occurred in our lives during 2018, every one of us will require that extraordinary harmony, as we face one more year – the tranquility of God – just Jesus Christ can confer this quality and profundity of harmony – and now we are now into April – and around us there is dissatisfaction and disarray and disturbance in such countless different everyday issues.

Going through the obscure is rarely an agreeable encounter. At the point when I have been working and serving and voyaging, especially in Uganda and Kenya, it has been so consoling to have somebody close by me in the vehicle who knows the course and our assessed season of appearance.

This is considerably more evident when visiting out in the wilderness and shrub zones of Uganda and Kenya or in the ghetto territories of the bigger urban areas.

A believed partner and associate can bestow certainty – realizing that if threat should reappear you have somebody with you to be your companion or more.

This is the thing that the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ is to supporters as we travel through life and this equivalent cherishing ameliorating Jesus has that heavenly capacity to confer harmony in the most difficult of conditions.

Could there be a more precious belonging than harmony, at this specific time?

Jesus Christ had nothing else to leave – no cash – no property or material belongings to split between the men he called, educated, taught and cherished.

Current lives are attacked and surprisingly attacked by such an uproar, surge, and pressing factor. Harmony can appear to be an illusive quality or ownership.

Stress, fret and dread are genuine. Things don’t go as we suspected they would – they won’t ever do!

These followers of Jesus were confronting long periods of unrest – and afterward long stretches of disturbance, which took different shapes and structures.

The harmony which Jesus offers has little to do with a protected existence of straightforwardness and unwinding. “My tranquility I provide for you.”

Jesus didn’t talk about His tranquility regularly, yet you can detect it on different pages of the Gospels – the deadened man – the untouchable – the tempest on the lake – the 5,000 hungry men, when there were just five portions and two fish.

When Jesus talked definitively, “Harmony, stay composed”, to the seething breezes and waves, would he say he was not likewise addressing unfortunate hearts?

They cautioned Jesus about going up to Jerusalem. There is threat noticeable all around. Individuals are out to get you – yet he went!

As you think back on 2018, and afterward ahead to one more year – or as you think back on any time of your life – may you experience and know the precious tranquility of God, and the presence and force of the Holy Spirit, as you travel through these obscure days and weeks.

None of us truly prefers to go through the obscure.

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland. He has voyaged widely over these previous years instructing, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, 12 visits to Israel, and most as of late in Uganda and Kenya.


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