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The Art of Woodworking: Inspiring Creations From Master Carpenters

by Kristina

Whether you’re an expert woodworker or just dreaming of becoming one, you’ll find the tools and tips in this collection to inspire your next project. Each piece of wood is a unique medium to work with, and each project takes on its own personality as it’s shaped by the tools and techniques used to complete it. From beds and organizers to Adirondack chairs and play tables, woodworking is more than just a skill—it’s an art form that reflects the craftsmanship of the artist.

This acclaimed book is the most comprehensive guide to woodworking available. Its 448 pages are filled with easy-to-follow diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and a wealth of lavish full-color illustrations. The book is divided into three volumes that cover all aspects of the craft, including furniture & cabinet construction, shaping wood, and joining wood. Master woodworker Art Espenet Carpenter, who helped to bring the sculptural style of West Coast modern furniture design to prominence, has died at his home in Bolinas, Calif. He was 86 years old and had been in failing health for several years. A well-known carpenter in his own right, he was also a pioneer of woodworking education and an early advocate for the importance of the craft in educating young people. A new exhibition at Japan House London focuses on the woodworking tradition in Hida Takayama, a region of central Honshu that has cultivated skilled craftsmen for 1,300 years. The exhibition, titled The Carpenters’ Line: Woodworking Heritage in Hida Takayama, features over 200 works and documents the history of a city where the carpenters are known for their integrity, honesty and skill.

Green woodworking isn’t just a hobby — it can be a deeply satisfying way to connect with nature and create useful objects that have meaningful value. British green woodworker Barn the Spoon encourages readers to try their hand at traditional woodworking without expensive power equipment, in a style he calls “”woodcraft.”” With a humble log and a few simple tools, you can turn out spoons, bowls and other functional pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time. In this updated edition of a classic reference, renowned author and woodworking instructor David Finck helps you set up your shop, discover the tools and skills, practice your technique, and understand the mindset required to become a successful hand-tool woodworker.

With its detailed and easy-to-follow diagrams, this essential resource offers the information you need to begin a lifetime of rewarding woodworking projects. From basic joinery to mortise and tenons, this guide covers the fundamentals of working with wood joints, giving you the confidence to build whatever you can imagine.

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