Nutrition, Fitness, Relaxation and Sleep

It is true that I was at my peak during my 30s. I was mentally, physically and emotionally at my peak and working at full speed.

It’s definitely been downhill and I’ve lost many muscles and brain cells. I haven’t lost weight though since muscle has been replaced by fat – plenty of it.

Over the years it’s crept over. I’ve gained a pound here, one pound elsewhere, but unfortunately, I’ve not taken the necessary steps to remove it immediately. Now over the past twenty years, these pounds have turned into stone, and there are no prizes for guessing my resolution for the new year was.

I watched a TV show on the television during the Christmas time that I believe was cleverly programmed to stop individuals from eating too much over time during the holiday break. It focused on a poor man who had to lose 30 stone or die. He had reached a stage where he was unable to get up and walk out of bed. his entire life was within the walls. Visit:-

He’d lost all self-confidence, in addition, he was physically incapable of performing any task without running out of breath. He’d been the target of ridicule and jokes so was hesitant to go outside. He was a comfort eater.

It appears he’s not the only one. Obesity is not uncommon and the number of people who are obese people are rising. People often turn to food to replace something that is missing from their lives.

Every person has reasons, and it appears that this guy had the most cruel father as well as a troubled childhood. He was compelled to eat every meal he could find or suffer a beating. Even after the demise of his father, he continued to consume everything that was put on his plate. It was a vicious cycle. He began to feel depressed from the name calling, being unfit, unhealthy , and not finding clothes and to feel comfortable, the man ate. Consequently, he got bigger and more unhappy.

It doesn’t matter what size you are, as long as you’re healthy and confident in your self. The poor guy didn’t. Self-confidence is an amazing thing. When you feel confident about yourself, life can be great and you’ll achieve so much.

In my 30s, I was elated, engaged, excited and focused. I’d like that feeling to return and am not going on a “diet” but focus on four areas of my life: Exercise, Nutrition, Relaxation and Sleep.

I’ve neglected them all lately. My reason for this is that I’ve become extremely busy and this is very true. But, if I’m looking to get the most enjoyment of every day and live for a longer time, I need to address these issues. Overweight can cause a variety of health problems and, if you are morbidly obese, can reduce your life span by many years. It’s good to know that I’m not part of that category, but the thirty stone that man lost couldn’t be gained overnight. It creeps up gradually as I’ve noticed and it’s time that I reversed the process. Therefore, my New Year’s resolution: no diet, just the right lifestyle.

The key to nutrition is knowing what, when and the amount I eat. Fitness is a sensible way of exercising and boosting my recovery as well as relaxation and sleep are the times during the day and at night where I shut off to rest and not only my body , but my brain too.

My family and friends tell me I’m doing “too much”, but If I want to be more productive and spend more energy, I need to be more efficient in renewing it.


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