6 Unknowns, Which Are Relevant To Our Economy!

Many things would be simpler and satisfying if we were able to accurately and reliably predict the future. This would make it much easier to accomplish things such as profitable investing, purchasing real estate for investment, purchasing houses (at the most affordable price) and assessing job or career opportunities and more. There are numerous uncertainties in the real world. They can affect the overall performance and health of our economy. This article will brief the subject, then review and analyze six specific unanswered questionsthat are directly connected to a variety of components of our economy.

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1.The negative effects of deficits that are largeThe United States of America is currently facing massive or large deficits. This is the first time in the history of America. Following the tax law of 2017 that resulted in the $1.3 trillion deficit, this pattern began! The deficit continued to increase, because of the growing demand for public assistance in response to the human needs caused by the devastation of the pandemic. A lot of politicians are hypocritical when it comes to opposition to and in support of the use of deficit funds when it fits their goals in politics. This causes a major contradiction in how we proceed and manage federal budgets.

2.The recession/inflation, refer to:The Federal Reserve Bank’s policy on money and interest rates are usually determined by fears or perceptions of potential risks like recession or inflation. They have enacted policies that have made borrowing costs and the ease of borrowing dependent on the reaction of others rather than actual facts.ProctionIt is possible! Inflation is usually feared, and interest rates increase. If they wish to boost the economy, they relax their policies and reduce rates. The current interest rates are historically low. Are these policies or manipulations that are thought-out?

3.Interest rates uncertainties:What is the length of time that interest remain low? Are they are based on sound strategies or manipulations and/or politics? These numbers are often the determining factor in the economic conditions of our country such as housing (mortgage rate, etc.) and their effects on stock markets, etc. What are the possible consequences of uncertain times?

4.Future housing/ real estate market:The market for real estate has been steady for a time.Market for sellersDue to the huge demand for qualified buyers, homes are being offered for sale. This trend is expected to continue for how many years? A combination of record low mortgage rates and the soaring demand from the pandemic have resulted in a dramatic increase in the cost of homes. Will this keep going or will it slow down?

5.Future industries/jobs/jobsWe need to be prepared for the future with job and career training that is driven by the needs of the future. It is sensible to educate coal miners and other workers in environmentally sustainable fields like renewable energy, cyber-security, and cyber-security.

6.Importance of Climate and Environment Public Health:It’s not a good sign for the long-term sustainability of our country and our future plans if our top priority isn’t on areas like climate change, environment and health-related industries that affect public health. Future generations owe us at a minimum this. Doesn’t it seem like a real risk that our public leaders are putting off their work because populism and partisan politics are the primary motivations?

Unfortunately, nothing significant or important, happens when politics is more influence than intelligent strategies and actions! Do you wish to see better results sooner rather than later?

Richard is an entrepreneur, and has served as CEO and COO and Director of Development as well as a consultant. He has also professionally-run events professionally. He has also worked with thousands of leaders and conducted personal development workshops for more than 40 years. Rich has written three books as well as hundreds of thousands of articles.

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